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Re: Linux&Dos assmebler

On Sat, 6 Mar 1999, Alexander Gutfraind wrote:
> Hello fellows!
> I was thinking about learning assembler, but there is a
> problem.
> I heard about DOS interrupts, which I guess work only in
> DOS.
> Which I guess means that if I buy a book about x86
> assembler,
> and it speak a lot about that interrupt things,
> I have a fair chance it wouldn't work in Linux, is that
> right?
> Maybe in that case, there are "Linux x86 assembler" books?

An assembler is supplied as part of the GNU C compiler (gcc and
g77, the fortran compiler, both provide output which is assembled
by it, rather than going directly from source code to machine 
language).  You might also look at NASM, version 0.97, which is
part of the distribution.

   Mike Shupp
   California State University, Northridge
   Graduate Student, Dept. of Anthropology

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