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Re: Debian and Redhat - are most linux users missing the point?

On Fri, 5 Mar 1999, Frankie wrote:

> 	) Obviously recommending debian to colleagues/associates/friends
> 	) sticking a debian logo on your website
> 	) pestering major sites to display a debian logo
> 	) Making sure that articles are written for stuff like
> slashdot/32bitsonline etc that mention debian.

	This is reasonable.

> >         When potential customers discover Debian is purely a volunteer
> > effort, they will assume that Debian is some kind of slap-dash,
> > low quality product.  Most of these companies will want a
> > distribution that has corporate support available for it.
> > Unfortunately, I don't see any improvement of the situation,
> > unless such a commercial company actually gets established.
> Valid point - couldn't the volunteer nature be made into a positive
> thing? Like that the people who work on debian are every bit as
> qualified, but WANT TO.

	This isn't.  Why should we agonize over explaining to 
	coroporations that Debian is a volunteer effort "but
	really it's all right and doesn't hurt anything", when
	GNU, Gnome, X, etc. are also largely volunteer programs?
	And for that matter, DJGPP, Nethack, a half dozen
	compilers and assemblers running in MS-DOS, all of 
	DECUS, most standards setting efforts, and probably a 
	whole lot more. 

	There's a name for societies so dominated by material
	concerns that all issues must be economic ones: savagery.
	And a name for societies which have solved their 
	immediate need for sustenance and allow portions of
	their populations to strive toward transcendent goals:
	Civilization.  Debian wouldn't be possible if we
	weren't part of civilization; its existence is one of the
	thing historians a thousand years from now will take into
	account when appraising our culture.  

	So why apologize?
   Mike Shupp
   California State University, Northridge
   Graduate Student, Dept. of Anthropology

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