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Compiling Problem Lists

Well, I've been reading through all the messages here for the last 2-3
weeks, and I've decided that perhaps we would be better off adding into
the basic Debian documentation a listing of normal errors and their fixes.

I'm willing to get in and compile all of these if people want to help me
out with this (unless it has already been done, and if so where is it?).

I've so far got around a list of 30-40 questions (which are fully answered
their's another list of 10-20 which are not fully answered, but I might be
able to fill in the blanks).

I would like to compile a basic FAQ file for the Debian Linux
Newbie-Intermediate questions.  We would then be able to point all the
basic questions to the FAQ file, and say "It's ALL there" just to make it

If anyone wishes to contribute to the listing I've started, please email
me directly (and if you have a list of questions, or Question/Answer
pairs), please send them as a file attachment, as I might just be able to
answer the questions straight away, and the question/answer pairs can go
straight into the list).

	Peter Ludwig

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