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Qmail to Exim woes

OK, it's my turn.  Yes I RTFM's.

First the date.  My local network is mtntop.home, my user name is
wtopa (of course), my address for the net should be

I decided that if exim was the prefered Debian MTA I would switch to
it.  Well after 3 days I have finally got it te accept mail from the
net but I still can't send any  ( I'm on Slackware (qmail) now).

If I follow the eximconfig instructions, option 2. I get the following

qualify_domain = ix.netcom.com
local_domains = ix.netcom.com
and the correct smarthost section.

No mail is received with the above.  Fetchmail won't get the mail and
replies with something like "can't accept mail to localhost, no wtopa
@ localhost". 

Based on that message I changed some of what the script configured
I changed
qualify_domain = mtntop.home
local_domains  = localhost
I left the smarthost line alone.

Result:  I can now receive mail.  I still can't send mail so I added


wtopa@mtntop.home       wtopa@ix.netcom.com  frs (As per a post to
this list)  

Attempts to send mail give the following log entries:
wtopa@ix.netcom.com routing defer (-32): retry time not reached
1999-03-05 11:56:55 10Ixsz-0000JN-00 == debian-user@lists.debian.org
routing defer (-32): retry time not reached

1999-03-05 11:55:41 10Ixsz-0000JN-00 <= wtopa@mtntop.home U=wtopa
P=local S=847
id=19990305115539.B951@ix.netcom.com1999-03-05 11:55:41
10Ixsz-0000JN-00 ==
debian-user@lists.debian.org R=smarthost defer (-1):

These log entries were after an exim -q as root. 

I did not try using eximon to send these, maybe I should have, but
they should send without it anyway.

Things I tried but that didn't work.

I tried local_hosts = mtntop.home  as also suggested but after going
tru all the docs can not find any reference to that so removed it.

So my questions are :  
Is the eximconfig script setting exim up for anyone else?  
What is required to send mail with this beast?
I have removed the 30m from the init.d/exim scripts as I cron for mail
twice an hour, is this OK?

Any suggestions or flames appreciated.



Real computer scientists despise the idea of actual hardware.  Hardware
has limitations, software doesn't.  It's a real shame that Turing
machines are so poor at I/O.
Wayne T. Topa <wtopa@ix.netcom.com>

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