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Re: Vote Linus for Person of the Century

On Fri, 5 Mar 1999 matthschulz@gmx.net wrote:

> just did, but is this list not moderated, Jesus Christ is so far I now,
> from a different century and he is on top?
> Matth

Don't even think Linus should BE the person of the century. That honor
probably goes to Thomas Edison. We owe our current culture and style of
living to that guy. His experiments with his lightbulb led to the
discovery of the "Edison effect" which led DeForest to do some more
experiments which led to the Vacuum Tube which led to the Transistor,
which lead to the IC Chip.  Not only was Edison's work responsible for
laying the ground work for radio and television, he also played vital
roles in bringing motion pictures and recorded music to the public.

Linus Torvalds is probablt important but nowhere near THE most important.
Lets try to keep some perspective.

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