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re: Cheap pnp ne2000 Lan cards


I bought some cheap PNP ide ne2000 compatible crds to setup a small net
work. My bios does not seeem to recognise the cards, but it does see my
pnp sound card.  Is there anything I can do via debian to use these
The cards are made by LanStar.  They were only $12 each so it won't
break me if they are junk.  But any help is appreciated.
 By the way I only have or use Gnu/Debian, so a solution involving other
os's is not viable.  Thanks

I assume they are Isa cards.  PCI cards shouldn't do this!  We had a
similar problem here.  By first putting the cards in a different
computer (with a bios that would find the cards....your problem IS THE
BIOS!) we ran the dos configure utility that came with the cards. 
Then the card was yanked out and put in the first computer...where it
now worked!  I guess there is flash rom on the card that must be
programed first before it will work.

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