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Re: Debian and Redhat - are most linux users missing the point?

I'm going to start a co that builds cheap boxen with debian.  I have what
I believe a creative marketing scheme.  My target market is mid to low
income families.  

Contact me if you have an interest.  I'm ready for some serious

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On Wed, 3 Mar 1999, mike shupp wrote:

> On Wed, 3 Mar 1999, Ed Cogburn wrote:
> > 	Like George Bonser has said previously, I think the only way that
> > Debian is going to grow its market share better than its currently
> > growing is for the creation of a commercial company which adopts
> > Debian as its base distribution.  This company can provide
> > corporate support to enhance Debian's position in the corporate
> > world, and improve the install and maintenance of the system, by
> > adding new software which isn't a priority for current Debian
> > developers....
> I dunno.  There's a lot of people who would like to find out about
> Linux, but aren't prepared to bet the whole farm on it sight unseen.
> They'll pay say 1100 bucks for a white box PII machine with Windows 98
> installed without a qualm however (I did anyhow a couple months ago).
> Would they demur at paying say 1115 dollars for the same machine with
> Win 98 on one partition and Debian on another?  Of course not-- and
> some dealers would even think "WINDOWS AND LINUX!!!" worthy of
> advertising.  
> I don't see any great problem getting Debian onto a million new boxes,
> in other words, if someone takes the trouble to assure PC sellers
> that installing Debian is simple and easy and exceptionally cheap.
> There'd be a potential problem dealing with newby customers who had
> Debian on their systems and weren't quite hip on the subject of
> Linux, but that's another issue.
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