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Re: Hamm-->Slink, now fetchmail/exim behaves strangely

On Tue, 2 Mar 1999, Graham Ashton wrote:

> On Tuesday 02 March, Mark Phillips wrote:
> > I've just upgraded from Hamm to Slink.  Fetchmail seems to work the
> > same as before, except that now, only the first 10 messages get to my
> > mail box straight away.
> I've got the same problem. Strange, isn't it.

This makes me think twice about upgrading my whole system again even if
Debian is supposed to make that easy.  On my previous upgrade 1.3 to Hamm,
it took me nearly 3 days and many hours to get all my user programs
running again and fixing all the broken configurations.  Getting my mail
system to work again was a real pain in the neck. 

I would not like to go through that again.

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