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Re: startup forced to X login

> In a message dated 3/1/99 9:34:38 PM Central Standard Time,
> dmaze@donut.mit.edu writes:
> > Because in slink xdm (and other login managers) are in their own
> >  packages.  So if you don't want xdm, The Right Thing To Do (TM) is
> >  either to remove the xdm package if you don't want to use xdm at all,
> >  or if you only want it to serve remote displays, edit
> >  /etc/X11/xdm/Xservers appropriately.
> >  
> That makes sense.  But what if I only want to disable xdm temporarily - for
> example, while I'm testing my new video card, or new monitor?

You could make a run-level that does stop xdm (or does not start it).
E.g., go to /etc/rc5.d, then

mv S99xdm K01xdm

Then if you start linux and add `5' to the command line of loadlin, or
give it as an argument to the kernel with LILO (dunno how, didn't use it
for a long time), xdm will not start.  If you are already running, you
can type

telinit 5

to go to run-level 5 and stop xdm.  Then do what you have to do and
return to run-level 2 (the default) with

telinit 2

I keep wondering why there is no run-level in debian that doesn't start
xdm by default.  It makes life much easier if you have to
reconfigure/debug X for some reason.


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