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Re: Shared PPP connection?

On Mon, 1 Mar 1999, Ramiel Givergis wrote:

> Read --> http://metalab.unc.edu/LDP/HOWTO/mini/IP-Masquerade.html
> It'll tell ya all you need to know about what to enable in the kernel
> and how to use ipfwadm etc.
> If you plan to use applications like ICQ or any servers on client computer
> on your network you'll need to use a Proxy aswell.

No proxy needed, the ip_masq_irc.o and others will handle this for many
cases (irc, ftp, real audio, cuseeme, quake, vdolive). 


> >I have a similar question.  Is IP Masquerading the same solution for
> >networking say two, three, four computers (in a house or apartment),
> >so that they can all share files and resources, as well as share a
> >modem?
> >
> >Also, the computers will most likely be mixed animals, i.e. Windows
> >and Linux.
> >
> >I'm looking into some type of multiple modem, ISDN, cable modem or
> >something of the like connection, and having all computers in the
> >house or apartment share this device, but also share files between all
> >the computers, with NFS or samba or something similar.
> >
> >Is IP Masquerading the solution for this also?
> >
> >MG

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