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Re: Shared PPP connection?

Read --> http://metalab.unc.edu/LDP/HOWTO/mini/IP-Masquerade.html
It'll tell ya all you need to know about what to enable in the kernel
and how to use ipfwadm etc.

If you plan to use applications like ICQ or any servers on client computer
on your network you'll need to use a Proxy aswell.

>I have a similar question.  Is IP Masquerading the same solution for
>networking say two, three, four computers (in a house or apartment),
>so that they can all share files and resources, as well as share a
>Also, the computers will most likely be mixed animals, i.e. Windows
>and Linux.
>I'm looking into some type of multiple modem, ISDN, cable modem or
>something of the like connection, and having all computers in the
>house or apartment share this device, but also share files between all
>the computers, with NFS or samba or something similar.
>Is IP Masquerading the solution for this also?
>Matt Garman, garman@uiuc.edu
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