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Re: stop machine before fvwm2

Ben Frame wrote:
  >I need to boot my machine 1 time without loading the 
  >window manager (fvwm2), is there any way to do this?  A 
  >key to press during the bootup maybe (like F8 in 
Presumably you mean `without starting X'? (since fvwm2 is just another
X program).

a) interrupt the LILO boot by pressing the Control key and type
`linux single' in response to the boot prompt; that will put you in 
single-user mode and will not, therefore, start X.


b) edit g/etc/X11/config and change start-xdm to no-start-xdm [not relevant
to the most recent versions of X where xdm is a separate package and
/etc/X11/config is no longer used.]


c) allow xdm to start and use ctrl-R to terminate it at the login screen

If you are able to log in through xdm, you can also get to a console screen
by pressing ctrl-alt-F1 [and -F2, -F3 up to -F6] after your X session is up
and running.

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