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Problem with kpkg / dpkg

Hello Debian,

  I have tried to compile my kernel(2.0.34)for sound card support
  using kpgk. During the comile I get the message that it cannot find
  the command "dpkg-gencontrol", and no kernel image is created.

  I put the kernel source in /user/kernelnew/linux/. the kpkg talks
  something about leving /usr/linux alone, but I do not understand
  this part fully.

  I have tried to compile the kernel using normal config and make,
  and it compiles fine and the kernel I get works fine, but I rather
  use kpkg since it "automates' the whole procedure more for a newbie
  like myself.

  Can anyone help me?



"If everything is coming your way, you are probably
in the wrong lane"

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