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Re: web based mail

> i was wondering if there's anyone here who gives web based mail services
> to their customers.  if so, what package/application can you suggest w/c, 
> based on ur experiences is proven to work in a nice and stable way.

   This is getting to be a FAQ. :-)

   Nice is easy, stable is the difficult part (meaning non-stable as in
rapidly developing).

   First choice:  Run over to  http://www.tdyc.com/~rkrusty/Debian/  and grab
Ivan Moore's IMP package.  Ivan has a deb created of http://horde.org's IMP
and is planning on getting it into the potato release.

   Another slick web-based mail package is ocs.  Actually, ocs is more than
just a web-based e-mail package as it also includes other modules.  You can
find out more about ocs at http://demo.obsidian.co.za

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