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Re: Netscape Communicator 4.5 & Java Applets

Actually, I have the same problem, though in Windows.  Netscape only
crashes for me when I have another program open at the same time, Richwin,
AND when it encounters applets.  It's very strange.  My emails to netscape
also revealed no answers.  It's really quite strange.

At 08:28 PM 2/26/99 -0500, Allan M. Wind wrote:
>For some strange reason Communicator 4.5 crashes (bus error) whenever
>encountering ANY applet.  I have tried a million things - reinstalled
>all libraries that communicator depends on, reinstall communicator,
>tried with no config files, tried tweaking the wrapper script.
>An email to Netscape's tech support had no response and posted a
>message on their Unix communicator list only resulted in "me too's".
>I previously used the java activator which worked fine for a couple of
>months and then bombed out on a missing symbol (some unrelated library
>upgrade).  I asked the person at blackdown that was listed as contact
>and never got a reply.  Activator has since disappeared.
>No one has these problems apparently and the bug report I filled has
>been left in oblivian (what can you do with closed src, right?).  At
>one point I read every that I could find on dejanews including the
>linux netscape faq which didn't do anything for me.
>Anyways, this problems was present with slink and also with potato
>(current as of today). Tried different kernels including 2.0.3*,
>2.1.125 and 2.2.*.
>I have a K6-200, 128 MB RAM, pleanty of disk space but not much hope
>for getting this resolved.
>Out of desperation I tried hotjava... and well, it sucks.  Mozilla has
>a way to go.  Lynx is awesome for some things but not these.
>Oh.. and one more interesting thing.  At work communicator has no
>(read "some") problems with applets.  Go figure.
>Suggestions, ideas, anyone?  Thanks!
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