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debian <- NFS -> Solaris

Hi everybody,

does anyone know how to solve the problem with NFS incompatibility
between Solaris (2.5) client and Linux (Hamm) NFS server?
Here Linux box exports /home and /var/spool/mail.
Problems are: 
 - mailx and elm hang, 
 - tar and make demonstrate indeterministic behaviour...
Simple programs like cp work OK.

Some people say that the problem is that Linux does not have lockd/statd
(and Solaris' lockd says "cannot find inet addr for...<linux box name>"),
but I did not notice at Linux box any requests from Solaris for locking
and anything unusual. Anyway, does anyone know how to solve the problem?

Best regards,
*P.S.* I am not subscribed to this list, 
could you please send me a Cc: fileadm@pdmi.ras.ru

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