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Re: Question


What you see is a function of the window manager you are using.  If you
have more than one installed, the startup one will be the first one listed
in /etc/X11/window-managers.

I suspect that whatever manager you have is configured to show icons for
certain apps whether or not they have been installed.  Possibly if they
are installed the paths may not be correct.  You'll have to check the
config files (and docs) for the window manager to see what needs changing.
The debian menu system normally tracks what is installed.  You can usually
get to this by right-clicking an empty area of the screen.

I've been using icewm for the past few months.  It's very Win95-like.  


On Tue, 23 Feb 1999, Larry Shields WD9ESU wrote:

> I have XF86 up and running to a point, I might add, as in root I startx ,
> and it brings up the screen with the ICON's at the bottom...Clock, Load,
> Xterm, Files, Editor,Xcalc, Xview, Qview, Netscape, Kill, and Desktop...
> Now the only ones that work are Xcalc, Xterm and Clock, if I remember
> right...
> When I click "Files" it doesn't change or do anything, the same wih the
> others, am I missing something here...??? I must be for none of them really
> work by clicking on these Icons...I know I have to get Netscape so that much
> I do know, but the rest I am puzzled as to why they do not work...
> I have a Linux Complete Reference put out by Caldera, which I got out of the
> library, and it shows pictures of what the Caldera desktop looks like, and
> it is very much like Windows 95...One can click on the File menu and it
> shows this, change directory, retype directory, close, Infomation, Print,
> Open, Remove, Copy, Move, Link and Change Properties...
> I have installed XF86 and thought that once it was installed most of the
> samething would be like what I have mentioned in the above...
> I purchased Debian which came with 7/CD's, and the Debian Linux Users Guide,
> which doesn't explain very much in detail... I am all so new to LINUX, as
> you can tell, but I would like somone to try and explain to me what I need
> to do to get XF86 up and ruuning once I startx, and at the main screen to
> have these Icons that are shown to work or what other packages does one have
> to install, for it to have the look and feel of say WIN95...
> It sure would be nice to be able to open a folder, copy files, create files
> etc, instead of having to type every command to do this or that...
> Thanks for any help that someone can pass onto me...
> Larry Shields WD9ESU
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