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Re: The usual reboot problems (another problem?)

On 22-Feb-99 Robert E. Bell wrote:
> I get the same thing on my 560x with the Tecra disks.  I'm also having
> problems even making a boot floppy through the installation process.
> It either gives gives an immediate error message "creation of boot floppy
> failed..." or it spins around for awhile checking things and then fails.
> And I have tried several disks at this point  (all of which work on the
> desktop).  The one time it did work, it created the reboot-a-round.  Is the
> installation program (or Debian) particularly sensitive to the floppies?
> I hear much about "bad" floppies, but other OSes don't seem to be
> bothered by them.
> Any ideas?
> Btw, it seems like this is a pretty common occurrence with the Thinkpads.
> Maybe once this gets figured out, we should write up something for the
> FAQ-o-matic.  I'll do it if I can get some people to check it for me.
> Thanks!

I read that IBM will be offering Linux with new ThinkPads, so perhaps they
will have the information we require, even if it is not for free.


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