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Re: ip-up question

On Sat, 20 Feb 1999, Pollywog wrote:

> My /etc/ppp/ip-up does not appear to be working.  Am I correct in assuming
> that in Debian, ip-up won't work unless it is placed in /etc/ppp/ip-up.d ?
> I want to start fetchmail when I go online and I believe that is where my
> script needs to be placed.

What I did to get fetchmail to run when I connected (I'm also using SLRN
so I've got one for it as well, same theory applies).

I put a script into the ip-up.d directory called fetchmail (giving it read
and execute access for all users) which contained a command line to run
fetchmail (I set it up as a deamon).  Here's the script I use :-

# Fetchmail Start Up Script
su -l -c "fetchmail -d 300" khan

# End of Script

That's basically all I had to do to get it running properly, now all I've
got to do to connect is run 'pon' as root (I suppose I could run 'pon' as
a user, but I would have to go in and change a lot of permissions, so I
run it as root, it's just as easy).

Catch ya l8r,
	Peter Ludwig

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