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Re: Replying to messages with gnus

mwooding@thecity.sfsu.edu (Miguel Wooding SF Ten.Union) writes:
                         < snip >
> When replying with gnus the mail-self-blind and mail-signature*
> variables are not honored.  Instead use you can use
> message-default-headers, message-signature, and
> message-signature-file.  I think the following should do what you
> want:

                         < snip >

> (By the way, I, too, found this change in behavior a bit obscure and
> not obviously documented.)  I'm using xemacs, not fsf emacs right now,
> but I think this applies to gnus under fsf emacs as well. Let me know
> if this works for you.

     Thanks a lot.  It works strictly as advertised.  I've lost
track of a lot of replies I have sent because I overlooked that the
Bcc: wasn't set.

     While Gnus is a first-rate mail reader, its excellence doesn't
extend to its documentation!

Thanks again,

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