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Re: Debian Logo *Idea* Contest! (Delay for painting contest required)

I kind of fancied chucking some stuff in on this one: the plan is we all
spout out all sorts of ideas, until someone comes up with the perfect
solution incorporating the best bits from everywhere, right?

I like the orca idea (it's the black and white one that eats seal, isn't
it?).  I also like the lighthouse, open 'soure' <-> light source, so
maybe on that theme, the orca could be spurting from its blow hole
(water source- might all be a bit tenuous).  I think a problem with the
lighthouse might be that some movie studio (Touchstone?) already has it.

My sort of original contribution is: I thought of putting the 'd' and
'b' of debian (OK someone said no letters, but 90% of logos have letters
in them, and I'm not just thinking of 'debian' writen in an unusual
font, although I think it is a bit silly to rule this out completely)
together to form an arch, with the tail of the d arching over to almost
meet the tail of the b.  The idea is that an arch is always open.  In
the middle of the arch is the top half of the sun poking over the
ground, and spraying rays (someone artistic could have fun making the
lighting look good), for that open source theme again.  There is also a
glimmer coming from the gap between the tail of the d, and that of the
b.  I don't know if this description is very clear.

This is just something I came up with, and I am very happy for anyone to
develop any bits of it they like, or totally ignore it if they like. 
Unfortunately, my drawing ability is too crappy for me to show you how I
envision this idea.


Brandon Mitchell wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Feb 1999, Andreas Tille wrote:
> > So let us define first, *what* we want to show on our logo.
> > This is always the first step in software related things.  Wy did
> > we step over it??
> Last time I asked what a good open source logo would look like (or some
> related question) irc got pretty quiet.  This seems to be the thing no one
> knows.  Wasn't there an open source logo contest?  I think of things like
> an open box or open book.  I also like this poster of a light house I have
> which seems appropriate.  If we get some good ideas, maybe some gimp'ers
> would be willing to draw them up before this contest is over.  Our request
> to the gimp contest team was too vague and directionless.  Without
> direction, all they can do is lots of different fonts and modifications of
> the word debian.
> Thanks for starting this thread,
> Brandon
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