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Re: Losing Linux (Again!)

Kent West:
> Here's what I'd try:
>  1) Boot off a Win98 floppy that has the sys.com (or is it sys.exe?) and
> the fdisk.com (or is it fdisk.exe?) commands on it (or alternatively, you
> can run these commands from the hard drive).
>  2) Run "fdisk /mbr". This will "partition" the master boot record.
>  3) Then run "sys c:". This will copy the system files from the floppy to
> the hard drive.
>  4) Pop out the floppy and reboot. You should be in business.

If that doesn't work, replace step 3 with:
  3a) run "fdisk", delete all partitions and create a DOS partition, mark
  it active
  3b) format c: /s

It is good manners to use the `correct' fdisk to create each partition.

We'll know the future has arrived when every mailer transparently
quotes lines that begin with "From ", but no-one remembers why.

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