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Re: dselect, dpkg, apt, gnome-apt???

"MacKenzie, Andrew" wrote:
> On the subject of what is the best distribution, I love Debian.  I am
> familiar with both Slackware and RH 5.0 and had real issues with both of
> these before I decided to buy a CD with Debian 2.1.  It is great.
> My only real problem is the methods of keeping current.  I install packages
> using dpkg -i <packagename>.  I find the .deb packages on the ftp site or
> other sites, download them then install.  If there are dependencies, I go
> looking for the required packages and install them.
> Is this the right way to do things in Debian?  I gave up on dselect because
> of the huge number of packages you must look at.  I tried apt but it told me
> some of my packages were configured wrong and would not go on.  How would I
> change this?

	Yes, the total number of packages is getting substantial.  I even
made a post to this list, concerning the explosion of packages,
however, in dselect's defense, I need to point out that in normal
operation you only see new or updated packages at the beginning of
the package select display.  You are not forced to 'sift' thru
every single package in the distribution.  Maybe I'm just lazy, or
because I don't find dselect's interface to be *that* bad, but I
prefer dselect with apt as the access method, over dpkg's command
line.  Then again, different strokes for different folks.

> Also, gnome-apt, do I need gnome to run this?  I have KDE 1.1 and like it.
> Andrew MacKenzie

Ed C.

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