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RE: SiS 6326

I also have an SiS-based card and had a great deal of difficulty making it
work until I used Xfree86 3.3.3.  The SVGA server in this package has
support for the SiS card and all works great now.

What specific errors are you getting?

Andrew MacKenzie

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		Sent:	Friday, February 12, 1999 10:32 AM
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		Subject:	SiS 6326

		I bought a Tiger Direct PC, K6-2 350, with an SiS 6326 8MB
AGP video card. 
		However, with that video card, I cannot get X to work. 

		We found a card specific server on the Xfree ftp site with
some support
		for the SiS 6326. We downloaded both svga and svga16
servers, but cannot
		get the card to work with either. What little does happen
convinces my
		colleague that the XF86Config file is not right.

		If someone has a XF86Config file for the svga server that is
known to work
		with an SIS 6326, I'd appreciate your sharing it with me. 

		David Teague dbt@elentari.cs.wcu.edu
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