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2.2.1 and /dev/sound

I've finally convinced 2.2.1 to run X and my network.  I still haven't 
figured out why kerneld doesn't start anymore and do this automatically.

But the sound doesn't work now.  the basic 

 cat /usr/lib/exmh/clink.au > /dev/audio
 bash: /dev/audio: Operation not supported by device

As near as I can tell all the needed modules are loaded:
Module                  Size  Used by
uart401                 5588   0 
sound                  54456   0  (autoclean) [uart401]
soundcore               2084   3  (autoclean) [sound]
serial                 16840   1  (autoclean)
ne                      5964   1 
8390                    5944   0  [ne]

It's a 16 bit soundblaster knockoff.  I must be missing something here. 
I changed the IRQ while configuring (which is now really awkward--in 
xconfig, it is now necessary to turn all of the choices to Y rather than
M to unlock the boxes).



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