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Re: slashdot poll

Pollywog wrote:
> Several people have told me that as newbies (first time install) they got
> RedHat up and on the net in 15 minutes, but I don't believe any of them.
> --
> Andrew

I recently installed RH just to see what the big deal was about. I was
totally offended by the hands-off install. The hardware detection was
kool, but I know my hardware anyway. When the install was complete x
started right up. No problem so far other than the fact that it
installed the whole thing on one big 3.1gig partition and totally
ignoring /dev/hdb. Then I tried to set up ppp. Looked easy. I followed
the menus, typed here, clicked there and so on and so forth. But it
wouldn't dial. So I thought I would take a look at the scripts to see
what might be wrong. One look at the scripts and I knew that this system
was designed to be opperated from a gui front-end only. I browsed around
all the regular system files and everything was unfamiliar. Nothing
seemed to be where it should have been, and what I could find I could
not understand. My previous experience has been with Debian, SuSE, and
Slack. With those you can "check under the hood" and know what you are
looking at. I was totaly put off by RH. I took it off my box and put
Debian back on within an hour. And by the way, I had ppp working within
a few minutes after the install was complete. Maybe a newbie could have
gotten ppp working for me under RH, but I think anyone with Linux
experience would have had a hard time. <g>

Is RH the Anti-Unix Linux?

Ben Messinger bmessin@3-cities.com

There are no accidents, only plans other people make and don't tell you

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