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Re: slashdot poll

I think the distribution holy wars are irrelevant and a waste of
time.  The "best" distribution should be based on personal

The real concern should be maintaining compatability across _all_
Linux distributions.  In other words, if I can compile and run my
program on the Red Hat distribution, I should be able to do the same
on Debian, Slackware, and all the rest.

In my humble opinion, Linux application development (and ports) should
not be done with one particular distribution in mind, but with
_general_ Linux in mind.

Just thoughts.

Matt Garman, garman@uiuc.edu
"They're always havin' a good time down on the bayou,
 Lord, them delta women think the world of me."
	-- Dickey Betts, "Ramblin' Man"

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