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Re: Installing kde 1.1 pre2

In a message dated 2/6/99 8:15:28 PM Central Standard Time,
petersr@uniserve.com writes:

> I need some help.  I have tried with absolutely no luck to install kde 1.1 
> with dpkg but I do not understand all the syntax.(do we still use that
> I think I have all the files except for qt1.42 as I am unsure of exactly 
> where to find it.  Can someone please give me instructions for installing it
> under debian 2 . If I need to upgrade to slink, thats no problem.  Some of 
> the files end in .lsm and 3 are .deb.  I have been able to extract the debs 
> but don't have a clue what to do with the lsm's or the binaries.  If someone
> has just installed kde 1.1 and all the commands are still fairly fresh in 
> your mind would you please spell it out for me.

* qt1.2 can be found in the Debian ftp site in the potato directories (it
might also be in slink, I can't remember now.

* To install the packages, just type
	dpkg -i <full package name including the .deb extension>

* The .lsm files are basically descriptions of the packages, you don't need to
(download or) install them

* You can run under hamm, but you might need the latest version of libc6 - I'm
still working that issue out myself.


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