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Wrong HD size in BIOS, Recovery?

I had a bad 3.2G hard drive that was flaking on me, and it did so for
what I called the last time Monday at about 3am... what better time to
upgrade to a much more recent Debian version AND a new hard drive at the
same time?  I had a 4.0G drive waiting to take its place, so why not?

So everything installed fresh, everything is fine, and now I am looking
at my partition total sizes a week later, and realizing that they add up
to 3.2G!

Apparently, I had forgotten to change the BIOS setting back to "AUTO"
for the IDE drive probing, which I had set up when I first found that
3.2G drive to be flaky.  Ugh!

The question is, what is the best way to remedy this situation?  I have
a general idea, but I would really appreciate it if someone had any
suggestions, like "don't do this..." or "it will go very smoothly if

All of the critical stuff is off that flaky drive and on the new one,
and that flaky one is acting okay, but I don't really want to use it as
a temp drive... hmmmmmmmmmmm.

thanks a lot

Dan Hugo
.8G short...

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