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Dial in Server Problem

Hi all

I'm trying to use  Debian Linux as a ppp dial in server for Win95 clients.
I'm able to login into the linux box only if I have the - Bring terminal
window after dialing - check box checked. If this checkbox is off the line
goes down after a while.

If I login using the terminal window I'm stucked inside a very small window
and cannot interact with my win95 system.

How can I assign a IP address to the caller's interface?
How can I be validated using  AutoPPP?
How to avoid the terminal window?
Which log files can I send to the list to get some help?

I've read a lot of files, followed some examples but still missing something
on the authentication side.

Thanks in advance

Jorge Sousa ----------------------------------------------------
IPJ - Instituto Portugues da Juventude
Gab. Informatica
Av. Liberdade, 194
Tel: ++351-1-3179200
e-mail: jorge.sousa@ipj.pt (trabalho/work)
           akira@ipj.pt  (casa/home)

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