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Extreme Security Suggestions?

I am wondering what is the recommended way to secure a sizeable volume (0.5-2GB
) of confidential data such that it is non-retreivable/unusable even in the
event that a hacker has gained user level or <shudder> root access?

I have thought of some kind of encryption; but I haven't seen anything fast
enough to make that practical given that I would have to re-encrypt the whole
data set after working on it. I also thought of simply having a dedicated
partition for the data in question and unmounting it when I leave the machine.
But I suppose a hacker with root access could easily remount it. Which leaves
the option of having a dedicated physical drive and unplugging it when I leave.
But that is annoying since I would have to leave my machine open all the time.
:(. So any other suggestions, comments?

PS: I have no intention of letting a hacker gain access to my machine; but its
nice to be prepared for the worst. ;).

E-Mail: Timothy Hospedales <timothy@smasher.rs.itd.umich.edu>
Date: 05-Feb-99
Time: 00:47:27

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