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exim: socket bind () failed

Hi all,

sorry to bother you again with another exim-question, I already RTFM, also  
several howtos but could not find anything (/var/logs/exim/mainlog),  
everything seems to work, but those messages keep popping up:

1999-02-04 23:43:16 socket bind() to port 25 for address (any) failed:
Address already in use: waiting before trying again
1999-02-04 23:43:46 socket bind() (...)
1999-02-04 23:44:16 socket bind() (...)
1999-02-04 23:53:00 Start queue run: pid=180
1999-02-04 23:53:00 End queue run: pid=180

Several hours pass, exim delivers email, gets email, but then again, those  
socket bind msgs come up again. Doesn't seem to do anything bad, but exim  
keeps writing those msgs in it's paniclog and it ennoys me.

To be more specific: I run Kernel 2.0.34 (Hamm) and the official  
distribution 2.0 from Linux Press. Also UUCP and EXIM from that  
distribution (installed the binaries, did not compile).

My /etc/exim.conf looks like this (only relevant parts):

# Transport
  driver = pipe
  user = nobody
  command = "uux --stdin --nouucico --requestor \
    '${if eq {$sender_address}{}{mailer-daemon}{$sender_address}}' \
    $host!rmail $pipe_addresses"
  return_fail_output = true

# Router
  driver = domainlist
  transport = uucp_rmail
  route_list = "* downtown"

The rest is more or less defaults. As I said: it seems to work fine, it  
just complains but does everything I want.

Kind regards     Frederick

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