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Re: upgrade via proxy

On Thu, Feb 04, 1999 at 12:45:08PM -0700, Gary L. Hennigan wrote:
> Serge Gavrilov <serge@SG3816.spb.edu> writes:
> | Hello debian users!
> | 
> | I haven't direct connection to Internet, but I can use http or ftp via proxy.
> | How can I upgrade my system using dselect or apt-get in this case?
> man sources.list
> All you need to do is set:
> http_proxy="http://<proxy server>:<port>/"
> where you substitute what's appropriate for <proxy server> and <port>, 
> and you're set.
> Gary

Thank you very much!

And does somebody know can I do this for ftp?

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Serge Gavrilov 
Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering, Laboratory of Hydroelasticity,
St.Petersburg, Russia     |      URL: http://www.ipme.ru/ipme/labs/he/serge.htm

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