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Re: [whine] "Power down." vs "System halted."

*- On  3 Feb, Jason Gunthorpe wrote about "Re: [whine] "Power down." vs "System halted.""
> On Wed, 3 Feb 1999 servis@purdue.edu wrote:
>> I just did a little digging and found that the message is defined in the
>> linux source in .../linux/kernel/sys.c.  The message is dependent on
>> how the system is going down.  Somehow your system is triggering a
>> POWER_OFF rather than a HALT.  Perhaps someone with more knowledge of
>> how init triggers the kernel will provide more input.
> I belive we now use the POWER_OFF mechanism by default as machines with
> APM bioses and ATX power supplies actualy do shut off.
> There might be a way to tweak it, option to shutdown or something?
> Jason

Right.  I see that in /etc/init.d/halt halt is being called with the -p
option which says signal with POWER_OFF.  I do not have APM in the
kernel nor do I have an ATX supply so maybe the kernel ignores the
POWER_OFF for me and instead signals with HALT.  Where as if APM is
in the kernel and/or the kernel can detect the power supply type(doubt
it) then it signals with POWER_OFF.

I noticed some other signals available like RESTART2, I wonder how
those are triggered.  I didn't see anything in the halt man page about
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