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Re: [whine] "Power down." vs "System halted."

> *- On  3 Feb, Navindra Umanee wrote about "[whine] "Power down." vs "System halted.""
> > Montreal Wed Feb  3 15:37:50 1999
> >
> > My bo system used to say "System halted." everytime I halted the
> > system but since I upgraded to hamm it sez "Power down.".  Where has
> > this changed?  I grepped for "Power" in /etc/init.d/* and /etc/*/* but
> > couldn't find where to configure this.
> >
> > Please enlighten and Cc: the luser.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Navin.
> >

    It is part of the Kernel's APM. When you upgraded, you had a Kerenl with APM
installed to auto poweroff upon halt. For some reason I could never get this to work
correctly under Redhat w/ Kernel 2.2.0, but it worked when I swtiched to hamm, however I
wanted it to. If you don't want it to power off, you need to edit the file
/etc/init.d/halt and find out where you are clalling the power off. It may be as simple
as deleting the -p flag or removing the powerdown line. You'll have to try it out, but
it shouldn't be too hard to change. Or if worse comes to worse, recompile your kernel
without APM.

Nate Mook

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