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Re: Wierd Printer Problems

Paul Nathan Puri wrote:

> My HP LaserJet 6L prints with very wierd characters.

When you say "wierd characters"  what exactly are you seeing?
Does it print anything readable?  What kind of a file are you using for your tests?
Are you using a filters?  I've seen magic filter dork the output when your expecting "box-draw" characters...that's an easy fix.

> For a brief moment, I could print quite well.  Then I recompiled the kernel and now it prints gobblety gook.

Did anything esle change when you did the re-compile?
Sometimes we make two or more changes to a systems at a time and then loose track of which change resulted in which error...

> How should I configure my kernel so that I have all the correct modules?  Which modules should be kept as modules, which should be built into the kernel? Which modules are necessary for my parallel port to work with my printer?  I am aware of 'parport,' 'parport_pc,' 'parport_probe,' 'lp,' are there others?  Please help, I'm desperate to get my printer going again.

Can't help you with the new modules...I just got a network printer server going so I can have my parallel port for other things and haven't even started working with those yet...

> Thanks.
> NatePuri
> publisher@ompages.com


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