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Re: suggestion (was Re: 2.0 install problems)

ivan wrote:
> At 01:55 PM 2/2/99 -0500, Richard Hall wrote:
> >Sounds like he needs a boot floppy with iso9660 support compiled in.  Why
> >it's not there to begin with is beyond me.
> >
> >This seems like a really common problem with Debian installs.  Someone
> >needs a custom boot floppy in order to get their SCSI controller to work
> >or their CD drive
> I agree with what you say but Cristiano's CD ROM is IDE APATI support for
> which is in my (limited) experience compiled into the default kernel.

Support for IDE ATAPI cds is in the default kernel.  I think that more
automated scripts would be in order.  ie something that LOOKS for the
cdrom drive when you choose the cd install method.  As for the SCSI
drivers ie AIC7XXX I think we NEED some sort of other disk set to cover
that install option.

Just my 2c

Jeff Katcher

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