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ppp and static IPs

I've got my dialin server setup so that each port has its own ppp.

I want to allocate a couple of users static IPs. I tried putting this in
pap-secrets, as in

hamish1 yodeller        ""
hamish2 yodeller        ""

But these IP addresses have been ignored; the per-port ones have been used
instead. Any ideas?

(The idea is that hamish1 and hamish2 can be used for separate dialins
for an EQL setup. Then one of the per-port IPs (which are internet-routable)
can be used as the eql0 device IP.)

I would prefer to stick with PAP logins, but if necessary I could do
scripted logins. Then I guess I would need to setup a script for each
dialin to run as the user's shell. Sound right?

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