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Re: Cant save my xf86config file, in user mode......

David Peterson wrote:
> Hi!
> Cant save my xf86config file, in user mode, says that I need to be root to
> save, but when I try to open any file in root mode, for example the
> xf86config file, I cant....it works under normal user, but then I cant
> save. Strange, need help, cause I really wanna reconfig my xf86 config so
> my PS/2 mouse works...
> David P

	When logged in as root, you have access to *everything*, it
doesn't matter what.  You *should* be able to modify or copy that
file.  Are you refering to /etc/X11/XF86Config?  The lettercase
matters; 'xf86config' is an executable program.  Are you aware of
the absense of the current directory being in root's path? 
Meaning, if you are issuing the commands from /etc/X11/, you'll
have to refer to XF86Config as ./XF86Config.
	Try showing the error messages that you are getting, so those on
this list have more to go on.

Ed C.

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