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Re: netscape on Debian, libc5 or libc6?

> Hi,

> I have followed the netscape installation instructions (generic linux)
> and all is unpacked and the install script completes OK. But netscape
> will not run. It is missing the libraries libg++.so.27 and
> libstdc++.so.27. These are present on my Debian system (2.0) in
> usr/lib/libc5-compat.

> Therefore, I assumed that netscape is libc5 only, and redirected 
> loads to /usr/lib/libc5-compat (using LD_LIBRARY_PATH). This found the
> libc5 versions of most libraries, and the libg++.so.27 and
> libstdc++.so.27 that are ONLY in the libc5 directory. But this showed
> that a library libXpm.so.4 was not found. This appears to be only in 
> libc6 set (/usr/X11R6/lib). All this tracked using 'ldd netscape'.

> This is very confusing. Is netscape libc5 or libc6?

> If netscape is libc5, then is there a libc5 version of libXpm.so.4
> somewhere?

> Am I totally off the track here?

The netscape they officially support is libc5. Though you'll easily 
find a libc6-based one on their ftp site. I'd say go for glibc 
version. (Yeah, I know, another 16 megs... I did the same mistake 
myself anyway. ;)

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