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Re: Help compiling my kernel

In a message dated 2/2/99 8:11:01 AM Central Standard Time,
marwin@localbar.com writes:

> > 5) I seem to have three different versions of the header files.  Do I 
> really
>  > need them all?   I have:
>  > 
>  > libc6 			-> /usr/include
>  > libc5-altdev		-> /usr/i486-linuxlibc1/include
>  > linux source	-> /usr/src/include
>  When you look at the kernel-source-package it says that the
>  kernel-headers don't need to be installed. They are provided by the
>  kernel-source-package.

Should have been more clear on this...   The libc6-dev package installed
headers into /usr/include.  The licb5-altdev package installed headers into
/usr/i486-linuxlibc1/include.  the kernel-source package installed headers
into /usr/src/include.  I'm wondering if these are duplicates of each other.
I imagine the libc5 stuff is old, the libc6 stuff replaced it - but is the
kernel-source stuff the same as the libc6 stuff?

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