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Re: What does this mean?

On Sun, Jan 31, 1999 at 10:12:49AM -0800, Jesse Evans wrote:
> 	I get this message every day. What does it mean?
> ----------  Forwarded Message  ----------
> Subject: Output of Anacron job `cron.daily'
> Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999 10:12:04 -0800 (PST)
> From: root (Anacron)
> 45375 45375

It's from the cracklib-runtime package's cron job.

It means the maintainer is on crack.  Alternatively it means the maintainer
has been on vacation for a long time; a situation made easy because his
crack is already packed.

See bugs #27511, #27743, #29100, #29500, #29995, #30576, #31060, #31666,
and #31683.

It's just worthless noise and causes no particular harm aside from loss of
sanity.  You may safely ignore it.

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