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Re: converting numbers


Ship's Log, Lt. David Stern, Stardate 280199.1148:

> OK, hex numbers are radix 16, octal radix 8, decimal radix 1.

As mentioned in an other mail, it's 10. There are no base 1 #s @all as 1^r for
all r is still 1 (besids you have always base# of digits starting with 0)

> Good.  Now I can convert between hex, octal and decimal.  

To extend yer knowledge ;-)
you can always do a # mod base ; # -> # div base
Which will give you digit fer digit starting with the lowest one.

(Thell me if I abreviate 2 much :)

> I guess I'll have to determine when to use each based on context.

That is easy. Hex have capital letters, octals are 3 digits and start with a \
deciaml numbers are stored in i or o, binaries are just logical. Besids these
noone in there right mind uses any and whoever starts base 7 will be shot

> Thanks!  Now, where is that coffee? :-)

Ah, can I have tea instead? A hot, black tea without any milk or sugar. :-)

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