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error compiling PCMCIA modules for 2.2 kernel

Here is the process I have gone through to try and make a 2.2 kernel
work on my friend's laptop:

1. compile and install a 2.2 kernel image

2. upgrade pcmcia-cs to the 3.0.7 version which is in potato

3. got pcmcia-source from potato, installed it, and untarred the
pcmcia-cs.tar from it into /usr/src/modules/pcmcia-cs

4. attempted to do a 'make-kpkg --revision=custom.1.0 modules_image'

I believe all this is correct, but I continue to get errors when
trying to complete the final step (compiling the pcmcia modules).  It
gets pretty far, but it inevitably says something to the effect of:

/usr/src/kernel-source-2.2.0/drivers/net/8390.c: 1110: parse error before 'config_must_be_included_before_module'

and a few more similar errors on following lines of 8390.c

Any ideas?

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