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RE: aic7xxx kernel: Did you solve your problem?

I used those floppies and they didn't work.
I tried with slink version and it has failed at the same point.
I can't boot Debian because the start-up process doesn't detect the SCSI
hard drive unless all seemed to be right.
I'm looking in the list for someone who had had a similar problem with an
AHA-2940UW and a SEAGATE ST34520W hard drive.

Thank you anyway

Antonio A. Rivas  aeypil@teleline.es

Even God discuss on the details with the devil

   STARTEG Project  aesypil@hotmail.com

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>I used a boot floppy image made especially for the Adaptec 2940 series,
>which is available at http://www.debian.org/~adric/aic7xxx/  This allowed
>me to boot and install the base system.  Then, when I need to compile a
>custom kernel, I go to ftp.dialnet.net and download the patch for the
>kernel source that will allow it to handle the SCSI controller.
>Good luck, and let me know if you have further questions/troubles,
>Richard Hall
>Network Services
>University of Tennessee

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