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Re: rawrite for linux

Helge Hafting <helge.hafting@daldata.no> writes:

> > dd if=/dev/hdb/color.gz of=/dev/fd0
> Again, use cdrom instead of dev/hdb
> dd if=/cdrom/color.gz of=/dev/fd0

> This is assuming that "bare.i" and "color.gz" are disk image files.
> I guess from the name that the color.gz thing is a gzipped file,
> you will probably want to gunzip it first.

As far as I recall, the root filesystem image in the slackware
install disks is supposed to be gzipped on the disk. It is unzipped
into a ramdisk device at boot time, and then the ramdisk is mounted
as /.

(I don't understand exactly how this happens, like, where does
the code that controlls this process come from when there is no
file system yet?)

Henning Makholm

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