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HELP! Sound recorder for (Debian) Linux with signal level indicator

Hi All!

Does anybody know about the sound recorder for Linux with signal level
indicator? I have to digitize some signals from biomedical
experiments, recorded on the tape recorder. I need to control the mixer's
gain because the signals' level is different for different subjects.
Therefore the recorder should have at least the level indicator (the mixer
software may be run on the different VC). Unfortunately I was unable to
find the recorder meeting my requirements:
1) Ability to run in the background
2) Svgalib based level indicator (X is acceptable, but svgalib is
   preferred, I know it interferes with the first requirement, but is
3) Programmable sampling rate
4) Compatibility with kernels' sound driver (/dev/dsp)
5) Debian package prefered, but it is not necessary.

Output may be in any form acceptable by sox...
If anybody knows about such software, please let me know. 
I can write it by my own, but it has to take a few hours :-(.

			Thanks in advance
			Wojtek Zabolotny

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