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Re: AMD-K6 Bogomips problem solved (sort of)

Hi Patrick,
> With 2.0.36 compiled as 686 and as 586 i had only 350Bogomips with a 350MHz
> K6-2
> BUT (!) with 2.2.0pre7 compiled with CONFIG_M586TSC=y i have my full 700
> bogomips !
> with it /proc/cpuinfo shows everything right (CPU clock,etc...)
> That's strange isn't it ? Probably a strange compilation quirk somewhere....
> I'll stick with 2.0.36 for now (as 350Bogomips should be enough to serve only
> few web pages), but i will wait anxiously to 2.2.0 final
REMEMBER: BogoMIPS, are bogus only - they DO NOT tell you anything about
your processors real performance. So, I guess, the calibration loop used for
calculation BogoMIPS is somehow broken if you compile 2.0.36 for 686 instead
of 586 (as advised in Help to "Processor type").

You probably haven't lost any performance (apart from possible speedups 2.2.0 
might bring along).

Bye, Tino.

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