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Thanks for help becoming normal and /dev/null problem

Thanks to everyone who helped me sort out the proper mounting of my dos
drives so that the group 'dos' could access them rwx.  As many of you
suspected, it was my inability to distinguish between 
	umask and unmask
which was causing my problem (I have the same problem with umount: I read
an 'n' which isn't there).  For some reason, I wasn't getting an error
message though?

Anyway, I'm still having trouble with my /dev/null, which sometimes
reverts to permissions:
when I reboot, causing X (and other) problems (it also did so after I had
got X running today, possibly when I symlinked by ~/.netscape/cookies file
to it).  Could anyone please tell me why this happens, and how to stop it.

Thanks in advance

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