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Re: NT and Debian...O.S. loader 4.01 sux!

On Wed, Jan 13, 1999 at 07:11:32PM +1100, Shao Zhang wrote:
> 	NT loader 4.01 will overwirte mbr without any warning. you can get
> the debian rescue image, and boot linux from the floppy disk... then you
> can mount the linux native partition and reinstall lilo on the root
> partition.
> 	After that, go back to NT and set the linux native partition to be
> active... and here you go...

This is exactly why you should leave LILO installed the Debian default
way, in /dev/hdaN rather than /dev/hda. Then you can fix it just by
changing the active partition with any FDISK program you like.

Slackware and other dists have not done people any favours in teaching
people to configure LILO this way.

I have NT, 95 and Debian installed. The other day I reinstalled 95
without losing access to NT or Debian. No floppies were needed. Only care.

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